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Web 2.0 and SOA

Web 2.0 and SOA

Web 2.0 and SOA

Trium is helping businesses use SOA and Web 2.0 to reach new markets, and improve efficiency and collaboration. Web 2.0 extends the reach of SOA - making it simple to use for creating or remixing rich applications and mashups. We employ a careful mix of colours and fonts set to stunning layouts. We are equally adept at creating traditional or web 2.0 type website designs depending on your requirements. Web 2.0 websites have a bold youthful appeal while traditional websites are more corporate looking and distinguished.

You also have the option to make your site responsive so as to be visible on different devices like the mobile, iPad etc. There is a marked increase today for responsive websites that can be viewed on multiple devices with varying screen sizes. We design such sites too. Legibility and design aesthetics are maintained throughout. We ensure that your website is consistent across multiple browsers and the look and feel is not disrupted. Some businesses need to let their users access their core applications with ease. Utilizing HTML5, the browser is becoming the main business platform. Features like web sockets, offline storage and rich user interface let you create a variety of business web applications. HTML5 brings substantial benefits for companies that no other IT model can; in simplicity, cost, security, flexibility and mobility.


  • Silverlight
  • Adobe Flex/Air
  • AJAX


  • Feeds
  • RSS
  • Mashups
  • Web Services

Social Platform

  • Wikis
  • Blogs
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Widgets
  • Apps for Facebook