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ALGOMATIX - The most efficient AI/ML Powered Algorithmic Trading Strategies App

Financial institutions work with a lot of data and numbers daily. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning help to crunch those data more quickly and in larger quantities; hence increasing the speed exponentially.

AI algorithms have the ability to deal with a growing number of sources, self-learn from the inflections in past data and building efficient statistically driven models with predictive outcomes.

More than 80% of volume in the overall financial markets is traded algorithmically by the big institutions.

Our Automated Trading Strategy App –

  • ALGOMATIX - takes back control of trading by leveraging the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology to get where the trader wants to go.
  • ALGOMATIX handles all the heavy lifting so the traders can stop managing trades and start looking for new opportunities.
  • ALGOMATIX takes emotions out of the equation to achieve consistency.

ALGOMATIX uses the following concepts in its strategies:

  • Technical and fundamental analysis
  • Deep Learning models (LSTM, CNN, GAN)
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Portfolio risk and Delta management in single and multiple assets.
  • Various portfolio rebalancing and position sizing techniques

This includes feeding real-time tick level data to trained ML models and generating real-time buy-sell signals with expected win probability.

  • Signal Manager uses Deep Learning models to generate Buy-Sell Signals.
  • Execution Manager uses Reinforcement Learning for splitting and executing orders into multiple exchanges to optimize execution time and price.
  • AI/ML POWERED STRATEGY Many trading modes and indicators
  • SOLID FOUNDATIONS The Robust algorithm built from the ground up
  • ACCURATE BACKTESTING Historical trades match closely with LIVE trades
  • INFINITE PATIENCE Say goodbye to overtrading
  • 100% DISCIPLINEDImmune to emotion
  • TRADE ANY MARKET Futures, Stock, and Forex ready
  • BUG-FREE ALGORITHM For quality trading
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE CEP combined with Low Latency Architecture
  • CONSISTENCY Plan the trade and trade the plan
  • TOTAL CONTROL All inputs can be customized