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PortaRepo - Research Reports Delivery Simplified

PortaRepo is a cloud-based App to dynamically distribute the Research Reports to the investor clients, anywhere anytime, in a very precise way based on the defined coordinates, so analysts can focus on what they’re best at:

  • creating insights that drive transactions.
  • And, that’s next level of User Experience and Reach.

  • Clients demand engaging, relevant communications when and where they want and on their device of choice.
  • PortaRepo enables meeting these demands while also reducing time to reach and lowering costs.
  • It’s a powerful tool to instantly deliver the reports for the institutional clients to access investment research and view reports via smart-devices.
  • It also helps enable personalized, interactive and timely research opinions from a single source of content.

  • Users can choose from the list of reports and seamlessly go through by swiping up and down.
  • Tickers provide the market data and the indices so your clients know the market movement while going through the reports.
  • From the ‘Search’ pane users can search the reports for selected text or get the quote of the selected stock.

  • To access the app, clients should have a valid Client Link account.
  • This helps the research firm to provide value-add to their clients in a more interactive way.
  • Users can filter and choose the research reports based on their investment profiles.
  • In addition to the research reports, firms can share their other newsletter publications, Executive Brief, Best Ideas, Investments Perspectives, Market Pulse and much more.