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Camersof - A state-of-the-art automatic surveillance solution for offices, schools and homes.

  • Track people activity in real time for intruder detection, access control, traffic management and other use-cases
  • Tag known persons and flag unknown persons
  • Set customized Email and SMS alerts
  • Seamlessly works on both IP Cameras and video files
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We are the leading solution to improve contact center and enterprise performance through speech analytics. It immediately reveals insights from automated analysis of communications between you and your customers across multiple channels.

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Deliver exceptional customer services with OCRDESK (with AI enabled ).

Deliver extraordinary customer service with OCRDESK. Over 100+ organizations already using OCRDESK.

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India’s first cloud-based solutions for fixed and mobile, voice and data, local and global telecom expense management. As the number of mobile devices in your organization increases, so does the level of complexity involved in managing them. With Telesaver, enterprises can understand, control, and manage their entire Telco infrastructure in an automated way. Our solution helps in processing of your telco invoices and notifies of missing invoices and bill discrepancies.

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A chatbot could shrink the response time to 1 second and answer all the repetitive questions to all of your website visitors without need to re-type them again and again.

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Water/Oil & Gas leak events are common in pipeline networks - more regularly than you'd expect actually, which causes billions of liters and commensurate revenue loss annually. Pipeline operators try to tackle this by installing acoustic sensors at regular intervals to identify leaks based on captured sounds. Leak detection through sounds is still a tedious, manual and error-prone process since humans find it often difficult to distinguish between leak and non-leak sounds.

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Leak Detection


Self-order kiosks are a lifesaver for anyone who dreads trying to explain a complicated order to a restaurant cashier. We are taking the idea even further with a new AI-enabled kiosk that uses facial recognition to make ordering a meal even more personal.

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