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Artificial Intelligence In Defence

Artificial Intelligence In Defence


The defence sector can truly be enhanced with the combination of the power of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. AI systems can learn through trial and error and enhance the military operational efficiency and can form a strong line of defence across our country borders. With growing threat of cross border terrorism and infiltration, Artificial Intelligence can boost the decision making processes and help prevent any untoword attacks.

To accomplish this we have combined the worlds best resources with cutting edge Artificial Intelligence technologies to offer a wide range of solutions such as -

  • Automated 24/7 Suspicious Activity and Weather Detection through Image/Video Surveillance Analysis
  • Camera feeds from ships and coastal areas can be subjected to automated image analysis and object detection
  • Similarly, image/video feeds from drones, planes and satellites can be automatically analyzed
  • Maintenance analysis solutions can be used for real time monitoring of critical parts in ships/submarines
  • Specialized AI powered scanners will allow for 3D view of equipment problems allowing quicker repair by maintenance crew
  • Swarm control solutions can be used to deploy large number of navy drones for important missions
  • Similarly, swarm of underwater drones controlled by a ship can be deployed for underwater monitoring and detection of submarines