E-commerce Listing - Machine Learning and AI


People like to buy and sell jewelry online. Its thriving marketplace of people sharing their past heirlooms and hoping to find their next favorite gem. 85% of luxury Jewellery brand sales come from customers registered in their database. Advanced Analytics enables luxury brands to identify and connect with their affluent consumers, understand their lifestyle and purchase behaviors, and build long-term engagement. This document aims to provide a solution to increase Online Sales of jewelry products on various Ecommerce Platforms. For sellers, it is a time-consuming task to get the details of the competitor's product listed on various e-commerce platforms. So here we introduce one state of the art solution, which can automatically get the information of the competitor's products based on the input parameter with image, which will help the seller to decide the price of that product to attract more customers.

Problem Statement

  • Product visibility of various jewelry products is low when compared to other bestseller diamond jewelry brands due to various factors like non-efficient keyword terms, Lack of Additional customer convenient facility like shipping and pickup of the sold product and importantly missing feedback or review section.
  • In today's scenario, the online medium is very successful in buying and selling any products. Since there are other so many sellers registered the same product on the same e-commerce plate form with different price. So currently seller require to research the same product and to do this seller will require to appoint someone who can research products and get detailed information with price and reviews and based on that list product with competitive price.
  • To avoid this bottleneck we have built one state-of-art analytical product which can collect information of the diamond based on the input parameter along with the image and show the details of the product with the name of the eCommerce platform, image, reviews, etc. and predict the price to the seller.


A) Comparing e-commerce product using web mining

  • Web mining is an application data-mining technique used to extract information from web services. E-commerce websites nowadays have become one of the most important sources for buying and selling all kinds of products.
  • We could possibly provide web crawlers and web scraping techniques to extract data related to other jewelry brands and compare the features and pricing of the product.
  • Analysis on your various range of products shows the insights based on the input parameter like shape, carat, price, color, size, metal type and image. See the image below.

Login Screen

Parameter Screen

Predictive Intelligence to reach more customer

To Acquire and Engage the Users we provide our state-of-art Predictive Intelligence Model which includes Actionable insights and gives the predicted price to a seller to list jewelry on the e-commerce plateform.

Output screen with predicted price, it shows the list based on the category ring and provided image all other parameter set none.

Ongoing Module

Currently we are working on auto posting the product with all possible details on various e-commerce platform like eBay, Amazon etc, on single click. After getting details of the product based on the parameter seller will post the product with the editable predicted price on different e-commerce platform automatically.


The seller can easily collect data based on the provided input 24x7 automatically from various e-commerce platform and based on the popularity and review, our system suggest the price and season wise popularity of the product, which can help the seller to attract right customer at right time and generate more revenue.