Telecommunications-Machine Learning and AI


Develop more innovative services, better manage network operations, decrease customer churn, and improve marketplace knowledge.

Category Performance and Forecasting

One of the main goals for telecommunication operators is to obtain visibility into how your customers are utilizing your network. With that visibility, you can identify potential new product offerings, properly utilize your resource investments and detect trends before your competition - ultimately helping you achieve customer satisfaction and maintain market advantage.

Trium info provides you with an enterprise-wide view of resource utilization and allows you to seamlessly drill down to fine details. This helps you to find actionable insights within extremely large datasets. From there, allows you to effectively visualize geographical and temporal data without dimensional constraints.

Telecommunication analytics is your key to knowledge of how well your network is satisfying customers and potential customers. By analyzing usage of your telecommunication systems, your team can better serve those customers what they want to find, while you effectively enhance your company image through satisfied customers.

Use telecom vehicles like cable TV, wireless phones and internet presence to interact with users and to market your company and products. Applying telecommunication analytics information can help reduce customer churn and increase retention. Use state-of-the-art Trium info analytics to work with vendors and others for fine tuning your business success strategy.

Network Operations Recovery

With Trium info, you can take data from multiple sources such as network, device, and configurations, and mash them up into a comprehensive real-time view of network operations. This enables real-time situational awareness of the state of operations. With that intelligence, you can see where “at risk” customers are likely to churn and initiate targeted marketing campaigns designed to retain them. Trium info alerts and automated actions can also deliver pinpoint analysis to the appropriate users and teams at the moment of urgency. From there, Trium info gives you the power to engage in contextual and social collaboration and coordinate distributed knowledge and capabilities during irregular operations. Business rules and statistical models can also be implemented and integrated to enable greater predictive accuracy and pattern recognition. Problems can then be instantly spotted via Trium info's in network-wide dashboards, and seamlessly drilled into at a single node or set of nodes. For continued improvement, decision-making effectiveness can be evaluated with defined metrics and targets within Trium info.

Network Maintenance

Trium info helps you improve customer satisfaction by providing a dimension-free analysis of components that drive network performance and an early indicator of problems. With that intelligence, you can increase workforce efficiency by aligning marketing, customer care, and network operations around common initiatives.

Additionally, Trium info's predictive and statistical modeling accurately forecasts data and voice capacity needs.

Executive Insight

Big data holds big opportunities. We help you reveal them.

Trium info helps the world’s leading organizations transform their businesses by quickly delivering actionable insights. With Trium info, you can:

  • Boost awareness for your top brands in specific markets
  • Maximize performance and revenue across all your products
  • Reduce costs and risks by streamlining your operations
  • Increase agility by introducing new products to market more quickly
  • Foster innovation to consistently stay ahead of your competition

Always agile and powered by data-driven decisions, the best organizations anticipate opportunities and risks more effectively than their competitors. The secret to many of their successes is Trium info. Get Trium info and turn your big data into your biggest asset.