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React has already hit the point of being mainstream and is used by a number of large companies including, of course, Facebook, but also Netflix, AirBNB, DropBox, IMDb, PayPal, Tesla Motors, Walmart and many others. Pretty good company to keep! There is a robust ecosystem to support it with tools, support, and experienced developers. And, of course, there is its Facebook parentage. With the help of ReactJS, the developers eliminated the problem of complexity & time consumption in code as the app was now compiled in code that works with similar functionality on both iOS & Android. React Native allowed them to integrated maps with the functionality & still maintain the fast responsive time which kept the app running swiftly.

We have an expert team of developers skilled in react native development who have served the home care, hospitality & communications industry by implementing react native for world class user experience. Our unmatched ability to build cross platform apps with a native appearance has satisfied clients across a diverse set of domains.