Aviation-Machine Learning and AI


Decision science and Big Data analytics is charting a new path to value for industry leaders…

Data is an Economic Asset

Best-in-class companies are embracing predictive analytics to track and understand customer behavior.

Data is Growing Exponentially

Leading aviation players globally use analytics to improve client acquisition and service delivery.

Analytics enables faster, more accurate decisions in an uncertain world

To maintain a competitive edge, an airline/charter operator must improve alignment between all facets of the business, ncluding marketing, planning, flight utilization and cost optimization

  • Get a single and clean view of your customers – who are they, what segments are they buying
  • Loyalty program analytics
  • Personalized offers and targeted email campaigns
  • Evaluate brand sentiment on social media
  • Text Mining of consumer feedback to identify pain points
  • Learn about market trends and design effective marketing campaigns
  • Smart incentives to fly roundtrips
  • Incentives to customers to take connecting flights of your airline
Customer Analytics
  • Demand and Fuel Forecasting for Capacity Planning and Inventory Management
  • Route Optimization
  • Supplier performance analytics
  • Fleet Intelligence and Flight utilization management
  • Asset and Engine Maintenance analytics
  • Flight performance feedback to pilots and crew
  • Dynamic staffing at ticket counters
Operational analytics and Optimization
  • Anywhere, anytime BI tool for real-time monitoring of business KPIs
  • Revenue analysis (client, region, type of service)
  • Margin analysis (client, region, type of service)
  • Cash cycle bottlenecks (ageing of debtors/creditors)
  • Growth analysis (existing v/s new clients, sectors)
  • Track business trends – across different timeframes and business segments
  • Financial/operating Industry benchmarking
Business Intelligence
  • Taxation analytics and optimization
  • Workforce allocation
  • Scenario analysis
Taxation and Accounting